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BMZ MOULDS is a young and dynamic company: from the accounting staff, going through the technical departments to the production area, people have an average age below 40 years old.Every day these people invest energies and abilities in the continuous transformation of the company.



Average age

40 years





We're Dynamic
He who stops, is lost

About us

BMZ MOULDS grew passing through a specialization in the construction of moulds for helmet and visors to services that today range from engineering to the manufacture of moulds and the injection of products for the automotive sector, lighting and house appliances.

BMZ MOULDS has looked for new possibilities in order to reach more desirable market shares. Doing so, we have started to follow new customers, who gave us not only new competences, but also the ability to use innovative technologies. In this way, they contributed to expand our technical knowledges and our competitiveness on the market.

Our Machinery Inventory

Because Technology & Power
are never enough.

Range of Machines

Machinery list

Thanks to our high range of machines, all of the latest generation, we are able to cover the entire production cycle of the mould construction.

Tipe of working Machine Model Technology Range
Finishing Hermle C40 5 axis 850x700x500
Finishing Hermle C50 5 axis 1000x1100x750
Finishing Diamond (2X) 5 axis 2200x1500x100
Finishing Roller MEGA 6 axis 2050x2050x1100
Finishing Spinner U620 5 axis 620x520x450
Roughing Sachman TRT 314 5 axis 2500x1600x1500
Roughing Spinner VC750 3 axis 760x460x460
Drilling Imsa MF1250FL 5 axis 1000x800x500
Erosion EDM Ona NX6 1000x600x500
Erosion EDM Ona Datic F60 600x400x300
Wire erosion Ona AF35 600x400x400
Molding Machine BMB Kw450 2 Injection Unit 800x800x850

Our Mission,
Vision and Philosophy

Our mission is to offer to the market high quality moulds, technologically advanced, with high production achievements and at competitive prices. Our strength lies in the constant customer service:
we work with the aim of giving the maximum performance in terms of quality and reliability.

Experience, specialized skills, culture of quality, production flexibility, and continuous search for advanced technological solutions, steady management control, innovative and collaborative approach towards the customer, enable BMZ MOULDS to win a leading role in the design and construction of steel and aluminum molds for the injection of plastic materials.

Expertise, determination and passion is what sets us apart in the way we work.
All team members share corporate objectives of quality and efficiency in order to obtain perfect and economically competitive moulds.

What We Do
Our Services

When people and technology meet efficiency.


Moldflow analysis

We shape our customer's ideas through 3D product construction. Its integration to CAE process simulations allows us to fulfill technical and aesthetic requirements.


Project development
CAM programming

We design every detail that composes the "mould machine". Therefore, we simulate kinematic mechanical movements giving attention to the production process.


Optical milling

A continuous search for perfection and studies of machining processes enable us to obtain complex optical machining and high quality finishes.



Our assembly department is equipped not only to perform the assembling of new moulds, but also to manage modifications. 8 operators in order perform carefully and quickly all the activities of assembling, adjusting and maintenance of the moulds.


Free support

We offer a maintenance service not only for moulds produced internally by our company, but also by third parties in order to enable the functionality and the life of the mould.



Moreover, we offer a service for trials and pre-series up to 50.000 pieces to provide a complete package with the final process of production.


Our Skills
Challenge your limits, don’t limit your challenges

BMZ MOULDS is always ready to challenge its own limits. Thanks to a continuous work of research and development, both technically and productively speaking, we have expanded and improved our skills.

New materials, new injection techniques and new “crazy” requests are our lifeblood.

Our motto is “customer satisfaction is everyone’s responsibility”. In this lies our will to constantly obtain better results day by day.

2K Materials Moulds
Rotative moulds
Light guides
Gas Injection and Mucell Moulds
Insert moulding

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