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3D Project Development

Our competitive position is determined by the design choices we make during the 3D project development phase: materials to be used, distribution of cooling and development of the mechanical movements are the main themes analyzed by our team of designers. The solutions must ensure high product quality and, at the same time, make it less critical and more economical. The design choices are always oriented to the effectiveness and efficiency of our production process and each phase of the project development is monitored via three different checklist, which "require" detailed analysis of all components included in the design and kinematic simulation to validate the mechanics of movements.

Our Production Office uses the TEBIS SOFTWARE for CAM programming and realizes the tool-paths for the mechanical machining. All work cycles, placements, and the production processes are designed and executed in collaboration with the technical department enabling us to achieve high quality standards. Kinematic simulation of tool-paths allows the minimization of downtime and raises production efficiency. Out young and dynamic team is always very responsive to the introduction of the most modern concepts devoted to the maximum working process industrialization.