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We shape our customers ideas through 3D product construction. Its integration to process simulations allows us to fulfill technical and aesthetic requirements.

Project development & CAM

We design every detail that composes the "mould machine". So we simulate kinematic mechanical movements giving attention to the production process.

Finishing and Optical Milling

Continuous search for perfection and study of machining processes on different types of steel enable us to obtain complex optical machining and high quality finishes.

Assembling and Modification

Our assembling department is composed of 5 work areas coordinated by a highly experienced technical reference. We are equipped to handle any request for modification.

Quality Control

To ensure the quality required by our customers, we scans, check and certify all the pieces produced by us after performing the required machining.

Production and Manteinance

We offer a maintenance service of in production moulds and of moulds produced by third parties in order to enable the functionality and the life of the mould.


After a deep analysis, each encoded component is placed in a scheme where, on the horizontal axis weekdays are positioned and on the ordinate the machines are listed. This allows us to control production and to provide customers with an exact date of delivery and having a real control of operations.

Coloring and coding

Thanks to the assignment of a specific BMZ-IDCOLOR we give each component mechanical characteristics and tolerances that the piece will have to comply by the end of processing.

Knowing before doing

We analyze each piece, encoded with BMZ-IDCODE, and establish the standard of tolerance of the components. In this way everyone knows the importance of the part on which they are working.

High quality milling

Our machine park is cinematized and, thanks to our CAM department, we can schedule production, control and simulate the programs that are launched on the machine even without operators.

Reliable results

All produced pieces are tested and certified. They are scanned and checked to control the actual quality of the work and reduce assembling time.