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The transformation of the idea into a concrete project is the great added value of our engineering approach. This transformation is made possible by the fact that our involvement in the process sees us as the active part not only in the design stage but also during the construction of the equipment, the testing of it, the validation of the product and the genesis of the process. This active interaction with the customer enables us to guarantee the optimization of costs and time, generating virtuous basis for what will be the future projects. The knowledge and experience of BMZ MOULDS are an asset for the company and for the customer, allowing us to reach levels of "customer satisfaction" that raise the value of the established professional relationship.

At the start of each project a Concept Analysis is immediately activated before an accurate assessment of the technical/economic feasibility. In this phase we describe the techniques and basics solutions for the tooling design leveraging the expertise of our technicians. Our company is able to give back to the customer the optimized 3D model of the product or a physical piece obtained through rapid prototyping, facilitating the customer's choices in terms of opportunities/risks and making available all the necessary parameters to make an informed judgment if there are prerequisites to proceed with the next phase of product development.

Through reverse engineering, we are able to reconstruct the 3D mathematics of the object useful to the design of the mould. We are equipped with optical and surfaces contact detectors, thanks to which we can digitize existing products and re-create them in 3D with our CAD systems. This process is indicated when the product comes from a prototype or turns out to be the revival of an old project.

This type of analysis allows to evaluate the behavior of the molten plastic material during the filling and cooling by identifying the critical areas in which the material can be stressed. The determination of the factors that affect product quality allows us to intervene at the design stage by drastically reducing the defects found on the workpiece after the first mould tryout. Associating to this type of analysis the COOLING and the WARPAGE ANALYSIS we can have a feedback on the distribution of the temperatures inside the cavities thereby determining a projection of the deformations that might occur on the part after moulding.
BMZ MOUDLS makes use of external collaboration from the best manufacturers of hot runners to perform filling studies. In this way, the supplier, can faithfully reconstruct the injection channels obtaining more precise results and better analyze possible pressure drops.