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As promised, we start the year with a great new!

WThe IMSA deep drilling and milling machine MF1250/2FL is suitable for molds/blocks up to 6 tons. A workpiece having a diameter as large as 1.900mm maximum can rotate inside the machine structure. 1.000x1.000mm rotary/tilting table, infinite-position rotation movement, infinite-position 25...-25 degrees inclination.

• Drilling depth in single operation: 1.250 mm. Deep drilling method: gundrill. Deep drilling spindle, power 9 kW, 6.000 rpm, for gun drilling Ø 4-25 mm, max. 32 mm counterboring or in short-chipping materials. This spindle is generally utilized to drill water lines in molds.

• Straight drilling (3-axes), single-angle drilling (4-axes) and compound-angle drilling (5-axes machining thanks to rotary-tilting table).

• Milling head ISO40, power 9 kW, 4.000 rpm. The milling head is positioned on the headstock, on top of the drilling slide, and is optimized for machining operations that prepare and complete the deep holes (spot facing, spade drilling, rigid tapping or thread milling). No intervention required for switchover gundrilling/milling and back. High-pressure oil (50 bar) through milling spindle. Automatic tool changer for milling head.


As promised, we start the year with a great new!

We decided to make a gift to our technical office: Moldex3D a new CAE software.
Moldex3D is the solution we were looking for, in order to keep improving our engineering processes.

This software allows us to simulate a wide range of processes for injection moulds, to optimize the product design and its feasibility, reduce time-to-market while maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of the product.

Moldex3D is a tool necessary to perform a complete analysis of filling, warpage and cooling and represents for us a 360 ° solution, a necessary investment with a view to continuous improvement.

IMSA MF1250/2FL: the latest entry in BMZ

After a long wait, we can finally give you a preview on the next machine that we are going to install in March 2017!
We are ready to improve our milling performances with the new Deep Drilling Machine that offers: HORIZONTAL STROKE X=1.700mm
for a MILLING DEPTH of 1.250mm

Thanks to the flexibility given by the 6 CONTROLLED AXIS, the machine avoids continuous repositioning of the pieces also between workings on an inclined surface.
Thanks to the ROTO-TILTING TABLE it is possible to realize drilling of complex cooling circuits in double inclination.
This deep drilling center will allow us to dramatically reduce the machining time and minimize mold movements between one machine and another.


We are very proud and satisfied with the results of K2016 Fair in Dusseldorf, starting from the increased number of visitors to our stand, to the new born business opportunities. The eight-day fair has been an opportunity for us to build new bridges, which we are sure will open many doors, and to strengthen national and international high level partnership that we have established in recent years.
We look forward to grow the seeds we planted!


BMZ has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification from TÜV SÜD: a value for us, a certainty for our customers. The structure of our business management and production cycle led us to seek this quality certification.
It is a guarantee that ensures compliance with industry procedures and regulations and that represents for us an important added value and certainly a competitive advantage.

K2016 plastic & rubber fair: BMZ will be there!

This year the K2016 fair in Düsseldorf will again be the largest event for plastics and rubber industry.
This fair is the starting point for the most important innovations on the scene of highly engineered products and their processes.
Come visit us at HALL 2 - STAND A23

What's new in our machinery: HERMLE C-50

The C 50 U dynamic work center has X-Y-Z axes with stroke lengths of 1000-1100-750 mm. Access doors, front and side, are generous in size and allow the operator to access ergonomically to the work area of the machine and to the tooling station that is equipped with a side container and cover for the collection of chips. For complex machining operations that require a large number of tools it is possible to expand the stock on the machine with an additional tool positioned at the tools loading station and directly controlled by the tools management software integrated in the machine.

BMZ MOULDS takes part in FAKUMA 2015

We confirm the participation of BMZ MOULDS at Fakuma 2015, the international plastics processing trade fair, in Friedrichschafen, Germany from October 13 to 17 at the Exhibition Centre on Lake Constance. In its history of over 30 years, this international trade fair for the processing of plastic materials has become an important international meeting place for the industry. Fakuma is in second place in the ranking of international exhibitions on plastics and relatively more important to the industry.

BMZ MOULDS will partecipate again this year with the UCISAP group in order to renew partnerships, open sales channels with new international partners, reinforcing a very important network of partnerships in this business sector.