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There's a driving force
that's stronger than steam,
than electricity and atomic energy:
it's will power.

Albert Einstein


Our company has been operating in the industry of mould manufacturing and machining for over thirty years as BMZ, the current owner Fabio Montanari presents now the new face of BMZ MOULDS. Born as a company specialized in the manufacturing of moulds for helmets and visors, as a result of the evolution of the market, BMZ MOULDS has undertaken new growth paths establishing itself in the automotive, lighting and household appliances markets. The experience and commitment in our work are factors that distinguish us and that allow us to face new challenges every day.
Only those companies who offer flexible and responsive services can compete in a market that's characterized by tight schedules and high quality standards.
BMZ MOULDS is one of them.


Experience and specialized skills, culture of quality and productive versatility, constantly looking for cutting-edge technological choices, regular management control, innovative and collaborative approach to the customer, enable BMZ MOULDS to win a leading role in the design and construction of steel and aluminum moulds for the injection of plastic materials.


Our mission is to provide the market with high quality moulds for plastic materials, that are technologically advanced, with high production performances and at competitive prices. Our strength lies in the trusty customer service that goes from design to delivery of the finished mould. We work with the aim of giving maximum performance in terms of quality and reliability. Customer satisfaction is everyone's responsibility.

30 years of passion

We run our business at the highest level


Design, development, production, assembly and quality control: from the idea to the final product with a single partner.
BMZ MOULDS is the ideal supplier for those looking for a complete service with the certainty of having technical and commercial support from design to creation of the mould and the final product.
BMZ is a member
of UCISAP since 2010
Italian Association of Mould and Precision Equipment Makers
Since 1971 UCISAP represents mould makers, actors in a sector that is "keystone" of every modern industrial production system. UCISAP aims at creating cohesion and unity within the category highlighting the guidelines in order to grow in the present and to better face the future.