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Quality meets efficiency


40 motivated people give you a full service


The design and engineering of the mould is carried out by our CAD and CAM specialists who work using cutting-edge software.


Our experience allows us to develop moulds that are optimized for the production in terms of quality, efficiency and costs.


With a top-level production department and people with proven experience, we produce moulds with the highest quality standards.


Our company provides services such as: quality control, testing, repair and maintenance for all the manufactured moulds.

Who we are
We are a group of qualified and motivated people, fully geared towards ensuring quality and innovation to our customers, while offering competitive prices. We are ready to face new challenges in a market that keeps changing.
40 people guarantee their customers a complete service from product study to the final delivery.
F. Montanari, BMZ Moulds
Past, Present & Future
It is with expertise, determination and passion that the owner Fabio Montanari guides BMZ MOULDS' team. The company has been operating in the construction of moulds and machining field for over thirty years, and what sets us apart is the way we work. All team members share corporate objectives of quality and efficiency in order to obtain perfect and economically competitive moulds.
Experience, specialized skills, culture of quality, production flexibility, continuous search for advanced technological solutions, steady management control, innovative and collaborative approach towards the customer, enable BMZ MOULDS to win a leading role in the design and construction of steel and aluminum molds for the injection of plastic materials.
Our mission is to offer to the market high quality moulds, technologically advanced, with high production performance and at competitive prices. Our strength lies in the constant customer service, that goes from design to delivery of the finished mould. We work with the aim of giving maximum performance in terms of quality and reliability because customer satisfaction is everyone's responsibility.
Our team
7 Technical Experts
5 CAM Operators
13 CNC Operators
6 Assembly
3 Sales
4 Management
ISO9001:2015 Quality Certification


At BMZ, we are very proud to have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification for all our activities. This guarantees to our customers that our procedures, from the design to the project, from the production to the delivery of the mould, are supervised.

BMZ MOULDS has always been committed to a quality approach. This year we wanted to obtain the certification for the latest 2015 standards as a mean to improve our organizational procedures and actively involve all the staff.

Quality Documentary Evidence has become a prerequisite for most of our customers. Now that we have officially gained it, you are more than welcome to come and audit us. These occasions are opportunities of showing our facilities, our management, skills and production planning and to explain the range of our activities to customers from around the world.

5 axis milling

Hermle C-40 machining

Example of machining of a punch for Bezel Front.

5 axis milling

Hermle C-50 machining

Example of processing of a 2K mould for Bezel Rear.

5 Axis Milling

Example of a punch milling carried out using a 5-axis continuous program.